Bealtaine Health & Skinecare Clinic
Bealtaine Health & Skinecare Clinic


Why a Website for a Beauty Salon you might ask? We want to reach all clients existing and potential in our vast and so beautiful country to tell them about our treatments, belief and really hand- selected cosmetic ranges!

You will observe that we offer a wide selection of products from very affordable products to very exclusive products.- and products you will rarely find somewhere else!

Our belief:

  • Everybody can look beautiful and well cared for! 
  • Everybody can afford it!
  • Everybody owes it to themselves to look and feel good!
  • A happy person within themselves is a walking lightpole for this planet!
    ....but often you need a little help on this journey and that is where BEALTAINE health and skincareclinic comes in!

Bealtaine is owned by me, Luise Deloch- collected experience of 25 years in Salon Hands on work and another important factor: Beauty is my passion!  

The german thinker and poet Goethe already said once that Beauty is always a welcome guest ! I was trained in Germany as a medical technical assistant and in South Africa as an international Beauty Therapist where I obtained the Cidesco Qualification.A year work in hospital also formed my view on the do`s and don`ts in the cosmetic industry. 

We wish to help people near and far and thus have the first Online Consultation known to me. This might cause a uproar in the cosmetic industry...but let me promise you personally IT IS POSSIBLE through new technoglogies like sending photos via Email etc. and being in contact... if done correctly.

So enjoy your trip through our website and pls feel free to ask any q. that might arise. 

To make it easier for you to have a look at the products we are currently using we have put the weblinks on this site for you with a brief description of the products.

Bealtaine Health & Skinecare Clinic
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